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About Us

Who We Are

We are a Word-Centered, Multicultural, Multi-Generational,
Spirit-Led and Spirit-filled Church with a clear call to TAKE OUR CITY FOR JESUS.

Why We Exist

We exist to bring Glory to God through souls being saved and lives transformed WITHIN OUR CITY.

This is how we do it.

At UNION, our primary mission is to take our city for Jesus. With a clear focus on transforming lives and saving souls, we are dedicated to utilizing our resources and efforts to achieve this goal. We concentrate our efforts on these 7 key areas:



We are dedicated to winning souls to the Lord. At the heart of our evangelism efforts is a deep desire to see souls saved and lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to sharing the gospel with passion and compassion, and to doing all that we can to reach those who have yet to hear the message of hope. Whether we are preaching from a pulpit or having a conversation with a stranger, our aim is always the same – to bring people closer to God and to help them experience the fullness of life that He offers.




We are dedicated to see people experience freedom from bondage and sin through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


We are dedicated to raising up strong followers of Christ in an ever changing world.


We are dedicated to empowering our youth to have a genuine relationship with God, building a foundation for their lives and a love for being at church through active service and with a facility/space where they can develop and nurture relationships with their friends and leaders.


We are dedicated to help uplift our community through programs, resources and events for those in need.


We are dedicated to the growth and success of the ‘total’ man: mind, body and spirit.


We are dedicated to assembling ourselves together as regularly to promote participation and spiritual growth within our local body.