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Our Pastor

Marcus Timmons- Senior Pastor

Born with a deep connection to faith, Pastor Marcus Timmons embarked on his preaching journey at the age of 14. Under the mentorship of Union Baptist Church’s former pastor, Lawrence Manson, he was licensed at 18 and ordained as an elder at 21 and appointed Executive Pastor, setting the stage for his future leadership.

In 2022, Pastor Marcus Timmons assumed the pastoral role at Union Baptist Church, succeeding the venerable Pastor Lawrence Manson. His vision for spiritual growth and community impact became the driving force for his leadership.

United in marriage to our esteemed Leading Lady, formerly Hanna Wixom on December 9th, 2017, the Timmons family includes two children, La’Myah Souline Amor and Ma’Kai Jabez. Lady Hanna actively contributes to the church’s ministry by leading the Women’s Ministry, underscoring the family’s shared commitment to serving beyond traditional roles.

Both Pastor Marcus and Lady Hanna extend their impact beyond church walls through community outreach programs. Their dedication to compassion, understanding, and service emphasizes the transformative power of being in Christ making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Pastor Marcus Timmons envisions a future at Union Baptist Church marked by spiritual growth, community impact, and a growing in a personal relationship with Christ. With unwavering faith and Lady Hanna’s leadership in the Women’s Ministry, the Timmons family inspires a congregation committed to making a lasting impact in the world.