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At UNION, our vision for 2024 is centered on two interconnected pillars that embody our commitment to SAVE SOULS, TRANSFORM LIVES and TAKE BURLINGTON FOR JESUS! Guided by our annual theme 'Step Into It,' we are boldly stepping into new heights and levels that God has prepared for us.

Firstly, in our pursuit of a vibrant worship experience that embodies both the contemporary and the traditional, we strive to create a dynamic atmosphere where the tangible presence of God is manifested. We are optimizing our worship services, ensuring a seamless flow from uplifting singing to impactful sermons, culminating in heartfelt altar calls. To foster a welcoming environment, we are building a dedicated volunteer base to host weekly visitors. Additionally, we are establishing a nursery to provide a distraction-free space for children, enhancing the worship encounter for all.

Secondly, through strategic outreach initiatives, we have forged partnerships with three major apartment complexes. Our goal is to uplift local morale, address physical needs, and extend a warm invitation to join our church family. As we 'Step Into It,' we are dedicated to providing not only a spiritual home but also to meet the needs of those in our community.

Inspired by Deuteronomy 12:31-32, our vision is grounded in obedience and devotion to God's call. Together, these pillars exemplify our commitment to creating a worshipful space where God's presence is palpable and extending our hands in outreach to positively impact and embrace our local community. At UNION, we are united in the mission of transforming lives, saving souls and taking our city for Jesus, making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and families alike.

We understand the magnitude of this assignment, but we firmly believe that with the support and commitment of our congregation, we can achieve this together and STEP INTO something great!